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Young Again
Wegiekatt only uses Young Again now......WE LOVE IT!!!!

In order to be considered for one of our kittens, please complete the Kitten Adoption Form. Instructions: Download Form Here.
Save on your computer as a Word document, answer the questions, and then attach to email and send to patti@wegiekatt.com

Kittens marked "On Hold" are being considered for placement, but a contract has not been received (they are still considered available, but another party has right of first refusal). We only "Reserve" kittens when a contract and deposit are received.


Kittens Born March 24, 2017 (ready to leave around July/Aug)

thumbnail jokerman thumbnail arden
Jokerman of Amber Forest Wegiekatt Arden


Paddy M Light Brown McTabby/White Available
Belleck M Brown Classic Tabby/White (closed face) Available


Kittens Born July 25, 2017 (ready to leave around Oct/Nov)

thumbnail jokerman thumbnail millie
Jokerman of Amber Forest Wegiekatt Millie


Cecelia F Amber Classic Tabby Available
Kevin M Brown McTabby/White Available
Riley M Brown McTabby/White Available
One of the male kittens is being considered for Wegiekatt's breeding program



We may also have Available Adults:

Please see the Available Adults page.

Health Guaranteed - providing you take the kitten to the vet within 48 hours of receipt and have a complete exam and all necessary testing done, then I cover* any fatal hereditary illness up to their fifth birthday.

*Either replacing the kitten with another one of like value OR paying your vet bills up to the cost of the kitten, the choice being mine.



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